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Press Quotes and Comments

Press Quotes and Comments

Math Lyrics No Pi in the Sky
“Gary Hank and Kenney Lutz take songs normally heard on 99.9 FM The Hawk and change the lyrics to math themes…. According to Lutz, the kids are having a better time learning equations and square roots. Hank and Lutz’s routine has gotten a thumbs up from administrators, as well.
– The Express-Times, January 2007

Musical Mathematics?
“On Feb. 5th teachers Anne Bercaw, Gary Hank, and Kenney Lutz from Lopatcong Township Middle School were highlighted on Channel 69 News performing their math songs. They have taken popular songs and rewritten the lyrics to help students learn and understand mathematical concepts. Students at the middle school have been extremely receptive to this innovative method of introducing and reinforcing mathematical functions.”
– WCEA Advocate, February 2007

These Teachers Rock!
“Classroom Close-Up NJ” a seven-time Emmy winning show produced by the New Jersey Education Association and  New Jersey Network Public Television, visited Lopatcong Middle School last week to do a story about an amazing program, Math Rocks! Teachers Anne Bercaw, Kenney Lutz, and Gary Hank will be highlighted performing their popular math songs. Their program presents math concepts through the contexts of music and audience participation.”
– The Warren Reporter, April 27, 2007

Math Rocks!
“….And, perhaps surprisingly, most students absolutely love the classic rock songs with lyrics changed to sneak math into their heads…. Along with the songs that teach math lessons, behind the band onstage is a gigantic Power Point presentation that has lyrics so students can sing along, and examples illustrating the math concepts in the songs.”
– The Express-Times, October 26,2007

Rock’n’Roll Math at Musikfest
“Gary Hank, Kenney Lutz, and Anne Bercaw, who all teach 6th grade at Lopatcong Middle School, turn dry math facts such as prime numbers, dividing fractions, and recognizing angles into energetic songs to tunes that most parents will probably recognize, from the Beatles to Devo.”
– The Morning Call, August 7, 2008

In Warren, Math Rocks
“Math Rocks! combines the music of classic rock with original lyrics and slide shows to teach math concepts that range from basic counting and measurement to fractions, decimals, algebra and geometry. The slides reinforce what the kids are hearing, which is especially helpful to younger viewers and visual learners. Combining the easy-to-follow lyrics with the music of well-known songs also helps kids to commit the ideas to memory.
– The Warren Reporter, Feb. 12,2010

Comments from fellow educators

“ A breath of fresh air in introducing math concepts in a fun and memorable way.”

“ You have stretched beyond the classroom to make learning fun.”

“ Finally a program that gets students involved/interested in math concepts.”

“Songs were creative and relevant to multiple math topics.”

“ Funny, creative – great idea to incorporate music into math and make it fun.”

“ Great songs- very motivating. This is something that will help in the classroom.”

“Your music and math connections are so much fun for everyone; the students are still talking about it!”
– D.R., Bethlehem, PA

“Our teachers were impressed on how you were able (to) reach children and teach them to like math, and how eager they were to learn.”
– Mrs. S., Windsor, Ontario

“It’s a perfect way for me to assist my very smart special needs student.”
– L.S., Boulder, CO

“You had outstanding rapport with our staff and students….. It was obvious that the kids were having an absolutely wonderful experience from beginning to end.”
– L. R., Washington, NJ

“… my 6th grade students LOVE your songs. The lyrics and videos really help cement the math concepts that I am teaching on a daily basis. ….if your music and videos can just help me get a few extra kids to say “Oh, I get it now,” they are worth their weight in gold.”
– K. M., Bay City, MI

Comments from Students

“I liked your songs because we got to clap and sing along.”
– S.P., Gr. 4

“Before I thought math was hard but now I know it’s not. You made math more fun. All the 2+1 songs I heard helped me in math.”
– J.C., Gr. 6

“I love Secrit Number Man and now I got it stuk in my head.”
– C.G., Gr. 2

“We loved how you let us sing along. Your performance is awesome. Do your students know that you’re math rock stars by afternoon?”
– M.P and A.B., Gr. 5

“I loved the ways you taught us math, but still rocked out a neat jam.”
– Samantha, Gr. 4

“It is so cool that you can learn math from your singing.”
– Caleb, Gr. 2