2Plus1 Math Rocks!

Educational Math Songs For All Ages

The Educational Program

Before the program
Discuss any math concepts relevant to your class:

  1. Brainstorm ways people use numbers in daily life.
  2. Give examples of number patterns and explain ways to use them.
  3. A quarter (or dime, etc.) is what fractional part of a dollar? If you and three friends share a pizza, what fractional part should you each get?
  4. How are words, as well as numbers, important in math? (specialized vocabulary, choosing the operation, etc.)
  5. Provide some examples of rock music performers.What instruments do they play?

After the program
Review any math concepts relevant to your class:

  1. How did the rhythm or lyrics of the songs help you remember the math concepts?
  2. Did you participate during the verse or chorus sections of the songs?
  3. What are some elements of rock music? (instrumentation, rhythms, vocal forms)