2Plus1 Math Rocks!

Educational Math Songs For All Ages

Songs & Concepts

“ MATH ROCKS!”         Songs/ Math Concepts

  1. “Angles” – defines and classifies acute, obtuse,right, and straight angles (Bad Moon Rising)
  2. “ Calculators” – explores the usefulness of this technological tool in a humorous way (Come Together)
  3. “ Fractions” – using fractions in the contexts of food and money; addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions (Lady Madonna)
  4. “Pi Song” – the number that represents pi; radius, diameter, circumference (Jenny, Jenny – 867-5309)
  5. “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” – a device for remembering order of operations when solving expressions and equations (She Came In Through the Bathroom Window)
  6. “Prime or Composite” – how factors determine if a number is prime or composite (Sweet Home Alabama)
  7. “Flip It” – using the reciprocal and multiplication to divide fractions (Whip It)
  8. “Number Line” – using a number line to add and subtract (Draggin’ the Line)
  9. “Integers” – addition and subtraction of positive and negative numbers (Breakdown)
  10. “Skip Count” – relating number patterns of repeated addition to multiplication (Down on the Corner)
  11. “Factors of 6 and 9” – using multiplication to list factors of a number (Summer of ’69)
  12. “Are You Gonna Count With Me?” – counting by ones/ skip-counting (Are You Gonna Be My Girl?)
  13. “Special Number Man” – contains a trick for multiplying by the special number -11 (Secret Agent Man)
  14. “Look for Clues” – using key words to choose the operation when solving word problems (Can’t Explain)
  15. “Words About Math” – a running list of math vocabulary
  16. “Greater or Less” – using place value to compare numbers (Needle and Spoon)
  17. “Factor Down a Tree” – prime factorization (Running Down a Dream)
  18. “They’re Gonna Take My Games Away” – always try your best in school (You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away)
  19. “It’s Still Algebra to Me” – using the inverse to solve to solve equations  It’s Still Rock’n’ Roll to Me)
  20. “Add It Up” –  addition; grouping addends to make a ten (Start Me Up )
  21. “Math Review” – math concepts review from songs (What I Like About You)
  22. “World of Math” –various math concepts and applications
  23. “Measures of Central Tendencies” – mean, median, mode, range (Can’t You See)
  24. “Ones,Tens and Hundreds” – place value (Werewolves of London)
  25. “Man in the Math Room” – mental math ( Man on the Moon)
  26. “What is My Grade Now?” – applying division/decimals/percent (Who Can it Be Now?)
  27. “This Math is Easy” – relating fractions & decimals/ratios & percent (It Don’t Come Easy)
  28. “Powers of Ten” – using basic facts & zero patterns to multiply & divide/decimals (Nowhere Man)
  29. “Divisibility” – rules of divisibility (Runaway Train)
  30. “Odd or Even” –identify odd and even numbers (Sweet Home Alabama)
  31. “Count to Ten” –basic counting (Teddy Bear)
  32. “Scooby Facts” – addition and subtraction facts to ten (Scooby-Doo)
  33. “Perimeter and Area”- defines and explains methods for finding perimeter,area (Good)
  34. “Estimating in Paradise”-estimation using rounding (Cheeseburger in Paradise)
  35. “The Decimal Song” – add,subtract,multiply and divide decimals (The Breakup Song)
  36. “Octagons and Polygons” – classify plane figures (Octopus’s Garden)
  37. “Percent of a Number” – multiply by a decimal to find percent (Ballad of John & Yoko)
  38. “ Teacher’s Got Some Money” – values of coins, counting coins (Squeezebox)
  39. “Count by Fours” – multiplication facts- multiples of 4 (original)
  40. “If I Forgot to Tell You” – use renaming to add and subtract unlike fractions (Hungry Heart)
  41. “Transformer Song” – identify and define translation, reflection, rotation (2 Princes)
  42. “Moving Ones Over” – regrouping tens and ones in addition and subtraction (Move It On Over)
  43. “Here Comes the Sum” – addition facts- doubles, doubles plus one (Here Comes the Sun)
  44. “1 to 3” – defines a ratio, finding proportions (One, Two Three)
  45. “Money – That’s What I Want” – examples of the need to understand money
  46. “Just Simplify” – using greatest common factor to simplify fractions, simplifying improper fractions (Sweet Caroline)